Zayka ka tadka in association with Saffola Masala Oats presents #SaffolaMasalaOats Recipe contest

Terms and Conditions

  1. Conduct: This program is being run by Zayka Ka Tadka and Marico India Limited(“Organizer”). By enrolling in this Program, providing the data, conducting the activity laid out herein or responding to the posts made under this Program, you, as a participant (“Participant”), agree to be bound by these terms and conditions without the need to physically or electronically signing this document. You agree to have read through each of the terms contained herein.
  1. Eligibility: An adult Indian citizen, over 18 years of age, not debarred by any law and/or judicial order, may participate under the Program except the employees of or family members of such employees of Marico Limited (including affiliates). The participation is voluntary, and no money or other consideration whatsoever is required to be paid by any Participant.
  1. Conduct Each Participant is expected to do certain Activities as laid down herein under to be eligible to receive the Prizes as detailed herein. Any entries submitted using fake profiles, using unfair means, incorrect, untrue or misleading information, or having comments and/or content opposed to applicable laws will not be considered. Each Participant agrees that Organizer or its representatives may contact a Participant using the information provided during or post the Program. The Organizer retains its right to delete any posts and/or withdraw the Program.
  1. Tenure: The Program will remain active between the dates provided on the page (“Term”). Participants enrolling during the Term will be considered eligible for certain Gift Hampers which will be communicated by Organizer, however the eligibility of a Participant shall not be considered or construed as a commitment from Organizer, to provide any benefits or Gift Hampers to the Participants. The Organizer also does not represent or warrant that it would conduct complete due diligence on each Participant before allotting any Gift Hampers and a nothing shall be construed as a waiver of the Organizer to conduct the same at a later point in time.
  1. Activity To be eligible for the Prize, the Participant is required to do the below
  • Step 1: Log into the Facebook Group – Zayka Ka Tadka ( Veg only) – By Vijay Haldiya
  • Step 2: Post your favourite recipe photo made using Saffola Masala Oats.
  • Step 3: Tag @Saffolafitfoodie and use hashtags #SaffolaMasalaOats
  • Step 4: Tag three of your friends to participate.
  • Step 5: The post or your account needs to be made public, so that the post is accessible for Organizer to evaluate. Otherwise your entry will not be eligible
  1. Gift Hampers: Participants will be scrutinized basis the below criteria. 10 of the selected participants will be contacted using the information provided by them and will be provided with the Gift Hamper. Any unavailability of a Winner may lead to disqualification under the Program. The Prizes are not exchangeable. Multiple entries per participant are allowed, but each Participant can be only one Winner – to clarify, one participant is not eligible to win more than one Prize. Prizes are subject to availability. The Organizers may, due to lack of availability and at its own discretion, restrict the geographies in which this Contest is applicable.
  1. Criteria
  • Participants should
    • Post your favourite recipe photo made using Saffola Masala Oats.
    • Tag @Saffolafitfoodie and use hashtags #SaffolaMasalaOats
    • Tag three of your friends to participate.
  • Our experts will review the recipe and the best recipes will stand a chance to win.
  • Taste and early entry will be the criteria to decide the winner.
  1. Redemption of the Prize: Organizer shall not, at any time, or in any manner, be required to, change, alter or replace any Prize for any Participant. The decision of Organizer, for providing the Winners, Prize, shall be as final. No objections or complaints, challenging the conduct of the Program, or participation or the manner of distribution of the Prize shall be entertained. The Participants expressly waive there right to contest any decisions of Organizer. The Winner shall be required to provide such documents/sufficient proof / information as requested by Organizers within 72 hours of receiving the message or such time as may be specified. In the event, the Winner is unable, or does not accept the conditions, if any to collect the Prize or provide Organizers with the required documents/sufficient proof / information, as requested for, to the satisfaction of the Organizers within the specified date, then Organizers reserve the right to disqualify the Winners and the Winners will be liable to forfeit the Prize. The Organizers will then have the right at its sole discretion, to deliver the Prize to a new winner, who shall be selected by the Organizers, or to not award that prize at all. The Organizers will intimate to the Winners the mode of collection of the Prizes using the contact details furnished by them.
  1. Representations: Each Participant represents and warrants to the Organizer and its partners, that
    1. all the information provided by him/her is true and correct in all materials aspects;
    2. the Participant is not in any manner or has been involved or convicted under any criminal offence, breach of intellectual property or corruption charges; and
    3. it has the necessary capacity and authorizations to be a Participant.
  1. Amendments Organizer reserves the right to change any process, partner, Prize or any other part of the Program, in its sole discretion and without any prior notice or providing any reason for the same to any Participant. Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any Participant without assigning any reason to the Participant, if the Participant in the reasonable belief of Organizer is not fit for the Program, or is found involved in acts which are in violation of the rules or principles of the Program or if Organizer have already received desired number of applications, or if the Participant appears to be legally or otherwise opposed to applicable laws; or for any other reason whatsoever. Organizer may in its sole discretion, discontinue the Program at any time whatsoever.
  1. Publicity and Authorization The Participant understands, agrees and consents to Organizer that Organizer may
    • That Organizer or its representatives may contact the Participant using the information available
    • store and use any the personal identifiable information and the data provided by the Participant; and use the same for communicating or sending periodic updates to the Participants of various programs, products, or initiatives of Organizer, during the Term or thereafter;
    • create a video, take photo or audio, or in any manner do the media coverage of the event and use the same coverage in perpetuity in any manner whatsoever and at any forum, including TV, radio, micro- blogging (you tube, twitter, facebook, instagram etc);
    • retain the copyright any all other intellectual property rights in the media coverage, the Program and all content created under the program; and
    • Use, transfer, or assign any images, videos or audios, or other media coverages created for the purpose of marketing or advertising in relation to Organizer or its affiliates programs,  (examples, include use in articles in newspapers / magazines / websites / social media posts / blogs / the showcase section of our website; printed materials at the program ceremonies; prints at exhibitions;  projected and on-screen visuals at our ceremonies; videos and photos displaying winners; case studies, books and presentations and like).
  1. Limitation: Organizer shall in no event shall be responsible or liable for:
    • any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by the Participant
    • any indirect damages, loss or opportunity, loss of profit or any loss or damage that is not reasonably foreseeable or occurs under the Program;
    • any injury or damage to an entrant’s or any other person’s computer systems relating to their participation in the Program; or
    • receipt or application of any advise receives under the Program.

Organizer’s total liability under this Program arising or attributable to the Participant or any third party claims, including indemnity obligations shall not be more than five thousand Indian rupees.

  1. Indemnity: The Participant hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, Organizer, and each or the knowledge partners, sponsors, employees, agents or other representatives of Organizer against any loss, claim, demands, costs, damages, judgments, expenses or liability arising out of or in connection with any or all claims whether or not groundless, that may be brought against Organizer and all persons mentioned above by any third party in connection with the Program.
  1. Assignment, Amendment and Governing Law: The benefits provided under this Program are personal to the Participants and should not be assigned to any third party. Any term or condition mentioned herein, including but not restricted to the timelines, may be cancelled, modified, extended or withdrawn by Organizer in its sole and absolute discretion and without assigning any reason. These terms and conditions shall always be read, interpreted, or applied in accordance with the laws of India. Any disputes arising from the Terms and Conditions for participation shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction in the courts of Mumbai. Nothing herein shall be construed as a waiver by Organizer or any of its rights available under the applicable law, contract or equity.