About Ruchita Jain

My Self Versatile Ruchi (Ruchita Jain) and I am a fellow creative soul who loves to express myself creatively and have finally realized that it's not something I do to please others or be accepted but for me only. Being creative is part of who I am and when I don't get to be creative, I feel robotic and drudge-like, just enduring my life until I can break away from the mundane and be creative again. I am a Homemaker and my husband has been supportive in my decision to stay home and be more creative and spend more time with my two wonderful Kids Archi and Argham. I am spreading my wings and doing more creative projects than I ever had time. I enjoy expressing myself creatively through Innovative Cooking, Painting, Interiors, Best of Waste and Mehandi. I look forward to getting to know other creative souls and hoping to connect soon with this platform.